7 Tips for Joyful November Days!

clouds-21156_640Suffering from gloomy November days? We gathered a few tips to light up your days even if it is cold and dark outside. Let’s chase the clouds away!

Practice yoga. It doesn’t matter if you go to the studio or enjoy your at-home practice – even a short 15-20 minute practice will light up your day. You come away with a relaxed mind and the ability to be able to concentrate more. And we all need focus every day!

Cook a meal from scratch. How about a good old fashioned home cooked meal? Maybe a nice casserole full with autumn veggies that warms your body and soul? Or a nice curry? Remember your childhood days and your favorite foods? The delicious comfort food of family meals on a dark, cold night? Maybe today is the perfect day to cook those recipes again and enjoy some great memories in the process!

Give gratitude for the simplest things. For example, give gratitude for the warmth of your home as you return from a full day of action. When was the last time you were grateful for being able to drive a car, live in a nice environment, or having the support of your family? It is so easy to take everything for granted and not value it at all. Until the moment when some of those things are taken away from us…. So enjoy the little things today!

Take time to do nothing. Yes, you heard that right… do nothing, absolutely nothing for some time. Take 15 minutes and just look at the sky or sip on a glass of tea. Just be! Don’t let your never-ending to-do list irritate you for once. Just be in the flow. Now, doing nothing might be difficult if you are thriving on non-stop action all the time. But believe me, you will have a very serene experience if you give doing nothing a try.

Read a book. Remember the good old paperbacks and hard covers? It is a joy to take a physical book in your hands and leaf through them. Feeling the weight of the books in your hands, touching the paper, being able to take notes… As much as we love e-books and Kindle, reading a real book is a wonderful thing to try again.

Spending time with your family – actually being in the same space with them. We all thrive on human connection so nothing beats being together, sharing, laughing, solving problems around the kitchen table. And if you had the chance to cook a meal today, what a wonderful opportunity to share a meal, too!

Listen to music. If it is an old favorite or something totally different… let the music sweep through your soul and awake powerful emotions. It is OK to cry, laugh or move to the rhythm. Dance a little and celebrate life!

Today is a gift even if the gloomy skies influencing your mood. Every day is what you make of it. What experience will you create for yourself and your loved ones today?



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