Q#1) What style of yoga is taught at Clayton Yoga?

The style of yoga taught is Vinyasa.  Vinyasa is the fastest growing style of yoga and combines both breath and movement.  In this course, you will gain the correct instruction to help support yourself and other students.  We employ three main ideas which are breathing, approaching your edge, and staying calm.

Q#2) Will I be able to practice teaching a yoga class within the training and will the course cover in depth anatomy training?

This training covers Yoga Anatomy, Yoga adjustments, Yoga modifications and key yoga differences between people.  In this training, not only will you learn the basics of anatomy, but more importantly you will understand why, certain bodies need greater support and how to offer that kind of adjustment.

Q#3)  Is this training open to all levels and backgrounds?

YES. Students from all different backgrounds and levels of ability are encouraged to attend.  Our training course is based on helping each other develop their authentic voice.  No two bodies have the same breath or the same yoga pose.  We do recommend that you have at least 6 months of regular yoga practice and that you prepare for the training by bringing your notebook, willingness to learn and a great big smile!

Q#4) How long is the Yoga Teacher Training Course held in Clayton?  Will it interrupt the flow of my busy schedule?

The Clayton Yoga Teacher Training program consists of 6 workshop weekends which begin at 6am and finish at 7pm.  There will also be a one hour lunch break each day.  Because of the variety of tools to learn, you will find the day goes by very quickly. Our small training size which is limited to only 7 students providing you with maximum support to absorb and complete all materials required while in the training sessions.

Q#5) Will this course teach me how to market teaching yoga?

In this teacher training course, the emphasis is on teaching you how to teach yoga and how to be a yoga instructor.  This training course will also cover a significant part of learning how to market yourself as a yoga teacher.  I am happy to share my experience as a full time yoga teacher now for many years and having first hand experience teaching in wide variety of settings including community college, gym, corporations, international workshops and running a studio, I am delighted to share with you also this unique opportunity to be a success. We have added a full marketing training to the yoga teacher training course.  Judit Mueller-Kiss, who is my own marketing coach, will lead you through the most important marketing topics during the 4 webinars. She will be happy to answer your marketing questions during the hot-seat coaching sessions, too.

Q#6) Will graduating from this course open up in my life? Where can I teach these yoga classes? Can I teach all level yoga classes?

Upon graduating from this training course, you will receive a 200 Hour International Teacher Training Certificate from Yoga Alliance.  This certification will give you the ability to teach yoga in any type of background and or setting. As a graduate of Clayton Yoga Teacher Training, you will be qualified to teach all levels yoga for adults in any kind of formal setting whether it is with a yoga studio, in a corporate setting, at school or in a gym.

Q#7) What is this course’s interpretation of the philosophical roots of yoga and will there be an emphasis on historical and religious connotation with yoga?

One of the sole purposes of yoga in this program is to show you how to uncover the sacred teacher within each of us.  Each student is really his or her own best teacher or guru.  Yoga is not a religion nor is it a dogma.  It is about creating the right atmosphere where students are encouraged to think for themselves.

Q#8) I would not be happy in a class that involved chanting & mysticism, is that this?

We do not do chanting, meditation as a formal sitting, and require only our students to follow one thing…their heart!  The word mystic however is something we feel is healthy, for it calls us to really think for ourself.  We believe sometimes life requires us to simply place faith above belief in order to create peace and a better world.

Q#9) What if I can’t touch my toes?

The mission of this course goes past the competition model to focus on breathing and receiving our own inner power.  At Clayton Yoga you will be encouraged to learn new tools which will help elevate a new higher level of awareness and wellness into our life.  Yoga at Clayton Yoga is not about being able to touch our toes, but how open we are to learning, growing and opening the heart.  When we live our yoga, we become healthier and better people.

Q#10) What is the refund policy for the yoga teacher training?

Students will be granted a 50% refund when Clayton Yoga receives this request in writing at least 45 days before the start date of the training course.   After that date, there are no refunds offered except in the event that you find someone to fill your space.

Absent from the Training and not notifying the instructor. Once the course has started, in the case of a true emergency, causing your absence, you are permitted to miss up to two full days. It is then your responsibility to notify the yoga instructor in a written format, within 24 hours of your absence, and set up a make up private no later than one week after missed time. If you miss more than two days of the training, and have not directly notified the yoga instructor, you will not be able to graduate. You will not be given any refund or make up training.

In special circumstances. After missing more than two days of yoga training, it is possible to take another yoga course with Clayton Yoga. However, you must meet the following criteria. One: you must notify the instructor within 24 hours of your absence stating your intentions in a written format. Two: the coursework up until that point has been completed and met satisfactory requirements. Three: you have a new starting date and have made that known to the course instructor within 48 hours of notifying us. Four: you are willing to pay an additional makeup cost of $500.

15-day Intensive Yoga Teacher Training: Due to the nature of this intensive training, we don’t offer refunds on this course.

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